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Self Storage: An Essential Home Staging Solution

March 15, 2017

Whether you are a real estate agent or a private home seller, the process of selling a home can be overwhelming. Days on the market and final selling price are key concerns for homeowners and agents alike.

Getting a home ready for sale is key to starting off on the right foot. While landscaping, painting rooms and updating appliances are common improvements made by homeowners, decluttering is the most important step a seller can take. Organized areas can make a home appear larger, and allow the buyer to focus on the home’s selling points, instead of how much stuff is crammed into each space.

So, what can homeowners do with all of their clutter and unnecessary items?

The answer is simple: self storage.

Using Self Storage to Declutter

Self storage is the ideal place to temporarily keep unneeded items while a house is on the market. With a variety of unit sizes available, and both conventional and climate-controlled units offered, sellers and agents can turn to self storage as a solution for eliminating clutter and getting organized.

Before putting a home on the market, homeowners should evaluate all their belongings to determine what should be thrown out, what can be kept in the house, and what should be kept in a self-storage unit. Sellers should look at the appearance of the following areas:

The layout of individual rooms



Cabinets and drawers



Outdoor areas

The idea is to allow potential buyers to envision themselves living in the seller’s home. This means removing items that are unorganized and take up unnecessary space, which can give the appearance that rooms and storage areas are smaller than they actually appear. Additionally, excessive personal items can be distracting to buyers.


It’s likely any seller will find himself or herself with an extensive collection of items that need to be kept in storage to better position the home for sale. Once the house is sold, self storage can help to transition between homes.

Real estate agents guiding sellers through the process can help identify the areas that need decluttered, and items that might deter potential buyers from taking action. Often times, partnerships with self storage companies can be developed that allow real estate agents to pass along preferred pricing to their clients. Check with your agent to see if this could be a benefit you’d receive before and after the moving process.

Self storage should be a primary consideration in the selling strategy for both agents consulting their clients, and homeowners tackling the process on their own. Regardless of the situation, using self storage to help declutter can help to reduce the number of days the home is on the market, and increase the chances of a higher selling price.

Interested in storing your belongings while staging your home to sell? Contact Storage 1 One Today!

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A Guide to Self-Storage Unit Sizes: What Will Fit and What Won't

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to self-storage units.

Whether you’re storing seasonal items or in need of long-term storage for an antique vehicle, there is a self-storage unit that is properly equipped to accommodate your needs.

Below we outline four different unit dimensions and the types of items suited for each.

1. Small- Sized Units

Smaller units, such as 5x5 and 5x10 units, are similar to the size of a walk-in closet. These units work well for short-term storage and are convenient solutions for customers storing smaller-sized items, including:

Desks, chairs and end tables.

Office supplies (e.g., excess paper, printers and folders).

Outdoor equipment (e.g., gardening tools, skis, balls and bikes).

Seasonal décor or clothing.

Sensitive business documents.

Small kitchen appliances (e.g., toaster, microwave and coffee maker).

Small-sized storage units are also an excellent solution for college students looking to store their belongings over the summer and apartment tenants who want to maximize their limited living space.

2. Medium-Sized Units

One step up, 10x10 and 10x15 storage units are approximately half the size of a standard one-car garage. These units are ideal solutions for customers who need additional space to safeguard the contents of one or two bedroom apartments respectively.

In addition to the items placed in a small-sized unit, a medium sized unit can hold items, such as:

Mattresses, bedframes and couches.


Excess inventory items for small businesses.

Kitchen tables.

Large appliances (e.g., refrigerator, washing machine and dryer and stove).

These units provide a safe place for individuals and businesses to store items that are too large to fit into a small-sized unit, but don’t require too much additional space.

3. Large-Sized

For more extensive storage needs, 10x20 and 10x25 units are comparable to the size of a standard one-car garage and can comfortably hold a compact vehicle or furniture and appliances from a two-bedroom house. These units can accommodate the contents of a medium-sized unit and are ideal for storing additional items, such as:

Office furniture and supplies (e.g., desks, chairs and large printers).

Small cars and motorcycles.

Home entertainment systems.

Various home appliances.

A large-sized unit can be a valuable asset to homeowners and businesses storing belongings while they relocate or clear space onsite.

4. Extra Large-Sized Units

If you’re looking for the deluxe self-storage solution, consider a 10x20, 10x30, 12x30 or 20x20 storage unit. These are approximately the size of a standard two-car garage and can accommodate vehicles, such as cars or trucks, in addition to large household items.

These spacious units can hold the contents of a 40 foot moving van or belongings from a three to five bedroom home and are ideal to store and secure large-sized items, such as:

Company cars.

Furniture and appliances from living rooms, basements, kitchens and bedrooms.

Large vehicles (e.g., boats, trucks and RVs).

The wide variety of unit sizes and amenities, such as climate-controlled units and premium security preserve the integrity of items and ensures all diverse storage needs are met.

If you are still unsure of what sized unit you need, contact one of our professionals to assist in determining the right size for your needs.

file storage

4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Self-Storage Unit

January 15, 2017

A majority of office workers believe that being organized improves performance. However, almost half admit to being unorganized, mainly because many don’t know where to start.

Businesses and employees who don’t know where to start when decluttering their workspace can begin by utilizing a self-storage unit. This can help store extra inventory and supplies, free up office space, and archive important documents.

Below we provide four self-storage solutions that can help businesses declutter and improve productivity.

Document Storage

Businesses are often required to keep sensitive documents on file. However, this can be a security concern if they aren’t stored appropriately and securely.

A self-storage unit can provide a secure and cost-effective way for businesses to archive confidential documents, such as employment and tax records.

To reduce clutter on-site and ensure files are stored safely, businesses should consider facilities that offer premium security and climate-controlled units. These features create peace of mind for business owners storing important documents and safeguard files from theft and discoloration:

24/7 video surveillance.

Appropriate temperature and humidity settings.

Passcode entry gates.

Individual locks and alarms.

Restaurant Storage

Restaurant owners can better organize and manage their business by storing seasonal equipment, furniture and inventory in self-storage units. Oftentimes, there is not enough space on-site to safely and effectively store their seasonal and current items.

To create a spacious and more comfortable environment for employees and patrons, restaurants should store these items when they are not in use:


Excess inventory.

Janitorial supplies.

Kitchen supplies.

Non-perishable food items.

Patio furniture.

Seasonal decorations.

Additionally, restaurants can utilize a self-storage unit to preserve their wine collection in a premium wine cellar, which provides safety features, including:

24/7 surveillance.

A backup generator in the case of a power outage.

Individual alarms.

Optimal temperature and humidity levels (56 degrees and between 60% to 70% relative humidity).

Short-Term Storage

Businesses looking to renovate or relocate can utilize a self-storage unit to temporarily store items during the process. These businesses should also select a storage facility that offers professional moving truck valet services to alleviate stress and improve organization.

Specific needs may vary from business to business, so it’s best to select a facility that offers a variety of unit sizes to accommodate all your business possessions. While undergoing construction or moving, businesses can store items, such as:

Break room appliances (e.g., coffee maker, toaster, microwave).

Cubicle dividers.

Desktop computers.

File cabinets and documents.

Furniture (e.g., desks, chairs and couches).

Office supplies (e.g., copy paper, folders and printers).

Office décor.

If your business is unable to use its current or future facility during a renovation or relocation, consider a storage facility that offers on-site conference rooms to accommodate your needs in the interim (see next section for more information).

Onsite Business Conference Center

In addition to reliable storage for physical assets, businesses should choose a storage vendor that offers solutions to help increase productivity. If you need additional space for larger meetings or want a change of setting, work with a storage provider that offers fully equipped business conference centers.

For added convenience, these conference centers offer:

A comfortable work environment.

Computer, printer, fax and phone access.

Large screen monitors and laptop adapter.

Wi-Fi connection.

For businesses in transition between two locations, contact your self-storage vendor to verify if deliveries during business hours can be accepted on your behalf. That way, your mail will be directed to a single location to ensure you receive all deliveries safely.

In short, even businesses with diverse needs can benefit from utilizing a self-storage unit to safeguard their assets. These units provide a secured place to store items from sensitive documents to wine, allowing businesses to ensure their belongings are protected while they focus on their job responsibilities.

At Storage 1 One - We have.....

Clean, dry and secure facilities

Open 7 days a week, evenings and holidays

24-hour access.

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self-storage insurance available

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Storage for your business

Instead of leasing more office space, reduce your business costs and avoid long-term lease commitments by renting a storage room. You can easily adjust your area for changing inventory levels.

You can even create a single corporate account to manage your company's moving and storage needs and get discounts on our rates. 

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